Correct process, executed properly.

  • There's a recurring issue I'm seeing among shooters I'm mentoring, both here on the forum and in person or via phone. We discuss the process frequently, as in the steps to take and in what order... but something that seems to be missed by many is technique. The truth of the technique used to execute the steps having every bit as much importance of the steps themselves.

    When you load as many rounds as I do, you simply discover what works. So if someone else is performing the exact same steps, yet getting wildly different results... there is not many places to put the blame for that. It can be caused by an equipment disparity, however it would seem most frequent that a mode of operation is typically to blame.

    While it is true that what one man can do, another can do... it is also true that raw skill and talent as it pertains to common understanding of motor skills is vastly different among the human population. This is another very pointed topic that is at the root cause of people refusing to let me help them. People ask me about the process regarding what steps to perform, then try to perform them, see undesirable results, then automatically assume I have improperly instructed them on the process. One of the quintessential behaviors illustrated by the people on the left-most trend of the Dunning-Kruger graph. How can someone know the answer when they lack the experience to even realize which question to ask?

    The specific nuances of how things are done is of paramount importance. Method of execution is just as important as the steps being performed. Proper process performed in a flawed manner will generate undesirable results. This is quite simple, yet is resisted by many.

    Take stock of yourself. If you can not use critical thinking and experience to guide your decision making process, you will inevitably be drawn to false conclusions. This is why I'm so extremely fixated on showing my work around here. I can demonstrate exactly how well or how poorly something I'm doing is working. The targets do not lie. If something I'm doing is not right, thereby the thing I'm giving advice that you all do is not right, how can I possibly produce that many acceptable shots?

    There is always room for improvement however. Despite many of the shots I take being acceptable, I do very much desire them to be even better. Thus I do not post this thread to convince you to be like me, because the goal should be to be significantly better than me. Rather this thread is posted to try to help you understand that just because you may not be achieving acceptable results going through the steps I suggest, does not mean the steps are at fault. Many other things could be to blame and you must run all of those options down if you are to advance as a shooter.