How Long Do You Let Sized/Prepped Brass Sit Before Loading?

  • How long do you let your sized and prepped brass sit before loading? Has anyone noticed any negative affect of the brass changing over time due to spring back if not loaded? I'm really asking this in the context of long range use, say 1K +.

    Never really thought about this before, but as I go further out, I find myself thinking more and more about all the little variables that I can control. It would be helpful to be able to size/prep brass and let it sit for some time so it is ready to use when I need it if there are no detrimental affects to LR precision and accuracy.

  • Just the other day I loaded up some brass that sat around for 2 years unloaded. It has 14 firings on it. Fired it... and it shot just as good as it ever has.

  • @orkan

    Thanks for the reply Orkan. If you don't mind me asking, just out of curiosity, what distance were you using these loads for?

  • @catamount1 I shot a couple dot drills at 100, then shot some at 300.

    If you are seeing drastically different performance at 300 than you are at 1000+... there's something else wrong.

  • @orkan

    Thanks Orkan. I appreciate the feedback.

  • It's not how long the brass has sat, it's how much you have progressed as a shooter while the brass sat.