Some sod puppies meet my 6 Dasher

  • Ended up shooting 73 in a couple hours on day 1, and 88 on day 2 in the same amount of time. @irish was with me on the second day as my dedicated LRF operator. I fired 72 rounds, yet killed 88. I'm an opportunist. You just need to wait for the right shots to present themselves.

    Shots were quite close. From 120yds to 490yds. Average shot was 300yds. I think I missed a grand total of 4-5 times the entire second day. So fun.


  • Looking forward to spending some time doing the same someday!

  • Most fun I’ve ever had with a rifle bar none.

  • Every time I see pics like that, I think of the video that you put music to and I crack up. Especially the one where every beat was a dog biting the dust at the end of the vid.

  • Looks like a whole lot of fun, that is some good rifle shooting greg. God Bless