First Custom rifle

  • About 4 months ago I called Travis at TS Customs about a build and talked about what I wanted. I did go with .308, I know there are better options but I have wanted a custom .308 for a long time. I went with a Lone Peak Fuzion action, 26" Benchmark MTU barrel, Travis has his own self timing break I went with, MPA BA chassis, Atlas PSR bipod, Timney 517 straight set at 1.5 lbs, and I already had the Gen 2 Razor 4.5-27x56. The wait was the hardest part, picked up the barreled action 3 weeks ago and bolted it all together. Travis recommend a 100 round break in, shoot 20 and clean (repeat). Fired 60 that day, and the remaining 40 the next Friday, then shot some dot drills and a 5 shot group at 100 and 200. I plan on entering some local PRS matches in the fall in the Tactical division.

  • Beautiful !!!

    (what are you gonna run on the NV mount up there :) )

  • @kansas next up is a Thunderbeast Ultra 9
    Maybe one day ill get NV