• Might as well have a thread on monopods.

    Im really like the CTK P3 pods. I have used the Accu Shot pods and do like the push button feature. The CTK offers over twice the adj range, 2.9" total adjustment, 2.7"-5.6" Which is far superior in field conditions. To get that range of movement from the Accu Shot you would need three separate pods, aprox 1.1" of adjustment per model. The Accu Shot will work fine for known conditions and even some field conditions. Most of my shooting/ hunting is all over the place as far as conditions. I could be shooting prone from a flat dirt spot and five minuets or steps later need to lay down into a plowed field. The P3 model mounts to a sling stud and you do need an angled stock bottom for the pod to be 90 degrees to the deck. I have mounted the P3 to a flat bottom stock and it does work but the range of adjustment is limited some.

    My first P3 was an older model I purchased new years ago. I did not have the "posi lock system" that my newer model has. it would slip and collapse under recoil if it was not synched down tight. Just this year I sent an email to Chris to see If It was possible to purchase the parts to upgrade the old model. Chris upgraded my P3 and shipped it back to me AT NO COST! Talk about standing behind your product!