Bad part about having an accurate rifle

  • The bad part about having a safe full of extremely accurate rifles is, it flat out sucks to shoot one that’s not.

    My brother has a Ruger Precision Rifle in a 6.5 creedmoor. The normal load for it used H4350, with H4350 being hard to find I started to work up a load with RL16. Now the rifle has always shot at best around .5 MOA or a touch over so this isn’t anything abnormal for it. I just haven’t shot it in a long time and forgot how shity it is to shoot something that at its best will barely do a .5 MOA 3 round group.

    Did have one strange thing happen that maybe someone on here could explain (other than shity rifle) look at the second group bottom row, I circled the three rounds from that group it’s over 7 inches. Wasn’t me, didn’t aim at the wrong spot, and there wasn’t anything between me and the target that could have deflected the bullet.

    Also the .258 inch group is a pure fluke, this rifles never done that, and would expect it do ever do it again.


  • @bull81 That massive flyer could very well have been a bad bullet. I've seen that before. Though it's almost impossible to quantify what it actually was.

    If not a bad bullet, could have been a "different" bullet. I've seen guys pull a VLD out of a box of hybrids, or similar types of situations.

  • @orkan
    Makes sense, I didn’t really think anyone would be able to say what caused it, just really shocked me and figured I’d share. It certainly didn’t fly like the rest did. Those were 140 RDF’s which I’ve had excellent results out of on my rifle but I know lot of rifles don’t shoot them well. I have a precision AR that will shoot the 70 gr RDF’s into little knots then throw one completely off the target to the point it won’t land on paper. Never seen anything like it before.