You think the NRA is your friend?

  • And yet again the leadership of the largest pro-second amendment sells us down the river...

    Even worse, we cannot vote him out of office.

    Sadly, the NRA has a looooong history of betraying the trust of its members. Anyone remember the automatic weapons registration in 1968 because a bolt action Rifle was allegedly used to assassinate President Kennedy? Remember how it was closed after only 1/3 of the allotted amnesty period? What about lead shot when there was no science behind it? Or California lead-free bullets that were to save the extinct in the wild condors in the state with the highest level of tetraethyl lead soil deposits, but some how it was deer hunters lodging bullets in lost game that was killing the buzzards? How about crossbolt safeties on rifle’s that had been perfectly safe for over 100 years without them? Firing pin locks on bolt action rifles? Key locks on revolvers? Magazine bans. “Sporting purpose” test? Where was the NRA on these issues? On the wrong side of the Constitution and science every time.

  • I think he is stepping down. Oliver North appears to be replacing him

  • @martino1 Sadly, that is not the case. WLP is formally Executive Vice President and CEO of the US National Rifle Association, LTC North will be the President. In the double speak of corporate rank structures WLP for all intents and purposes owns and operates the corporation and under the terms of his contract he cannot be fired while LTC North is the sock puppet / fall guy who gets to do and say what WLP directs and, should it all go south, he gets to take the heat and get publicly sacrificed to appease the gullible public. Don't get me wrong, the job undoubtedly pays very well and comes with a list of perks as long as your arm but at the end of the day he's there to take the blame ala Iran-Contra again. The history of the NRA makes interesting reading but be prepared to come away mad enough to eat your membership card. From the get, it has been primarily a lobbying company, first to lobby for the right of newly freed slaves to own rifles which were essential in the day for feeding one's family sufficient protein and defending one's land, property, and life. Along the way, Congress has periodically seen fit to delegate to the NRA certain aspects of management of surplus ammunition, weapons, etc., primarily because of highly placed individuals in the NRA with status as former government officials and cronies not currently holding elective office. Really, nothing has changed, this Hydra has many heads and the body is composed of massive corporate sponsors who seek economic advantage through lobbying and sometimes bullying of elected government officials. Your opinion matters to the NRA as long as it mirrors the interests of the corporations who foot the bill.

  • It doesn’t matter what we do, these board members the president of the NRA none of them have any power, the NRA made sure of that after the last two rebellions.

    All they care about is money, the whole organization needs to be burned down and forgotten about.

  • I've never given the NRA one cent because I never could figure out what they do for me.

    Logically I would think the "National Rifle Association" should be a big club that helps people with their rifles. But I have never been big on clubs, especially big clubs.

    That said, I read about historical events, like Carlos Hathcock winning the "Wimbleton Cup" in 1965 and the Commandant of the Marine Corps was sitting in the stands etc. Must have been an honor in those days.

    I just ignore the NRA, and so far, they have ignored me as well. And I'm ok with that. I won't bother them, if they don't bother me. That's my general attitude towards everyone. :)