Thinking of getting a new (butt) stock

  • So I messed up the threads on a buffer tube for the lower I use for the 6.5G(18). I was thinking of getting a new "butt stock" anyway. But now, I'm more motivated.
    After being in the class, the universe of thoughts has shifted a bit.

    I always figured I needed to "reduce the rattle". So maybe getting a butt stock and buffer tube that are matched, so as to reduce rattle, might be useful.

    I removed the rail risers this time to reduce weight. I'm now down to 11 pounds 1 ounce with the gun, rings, scope, RAPTAR and mount, suppressor, tripod mount. That's 3 pounds 3 ounces lighter!!!

    But, having the scope lower causes me to have to tilt me head. I actually think the risers put the scope at a better level for me. The rings need to be below 1.41 center to match up with the UtC-x and above 1.29 center to match up with the PVS-30. So I'm 3.388 and 3.75 for the Spuhr and Badgers ... but the whole thing could be higher. So, might be a trade-off between weight and head position.

    In the class, I saw Travis' bolt gun cheek pieces were actually offset to the right a bit, so the cheek is closer to the center of the rifle. I have not found any stoner (I call "ARs" stoners, since they were designed by some folks, one of which was named stoner ... and since it confuses the anti-gunners) butt-stock that supports moving the head farther to the center. Though there are a couple with "rotating" cheek pieces that sound interesting.

    Then there is the issue of the rear of the butt stock. Should it be adjustable? Well, the top of all the butt stocks I have is certainly directly behind the barrel, since it is behind the buffer tube which is behind the BCG which is behind the barrel. But where do we actually make contact with the rear of the butt stock?

    And I do like adjustable, since, at least for me, there is an LOP difference for prone versus tripod. Might not be for everyone, but there is for me.

    And of course there is weight. I'd like the perfect butt-stock to weight 0 oz :)

    So any suggestions?

    Here are a few I've found ...


    The cheek piece can rotate around the tube thus presenting different "angles of engagement" to the cheek. And it can be "raised and lowered", though if it is first rotated, the rising and lowering would not be verticle if the gun was.

    It weighs somewhere between 1.5 and 2 pounds versus legacy solution 1 lb 4 oz. So it is moving in the wrong direction from the 0 oz goal. I'm not gonna worry too much about cost, if I can find something I think is significantly better than what I have now.

    The butt-pad of this one is highly adjustable, up, down, sideways, etc.

    The big problem with this one seems to be, you have to remove the cheek piece to pull the charging handle to the rear :D


    This one weighs 13 oz, but that doesn't include the tube (the other two above do).

    Basically a regular butt stock with a symmetric cheek piece.

    It claims to be "anti-rattle"

    This one looks like a variation of the previous one, but without the pic rails :D and it costs half as much due to significant loss of "tacticool".


    Here's a chinese (I guess) butt-stock with a mono-pod and adjustability, but price is below all the others and I am hearing it RATTLE all the way from Kansas :D



    This guy has a similar setup to me ...


    Looks like he built his own cheek piece out of "something". That's a Larue OBR upper, so he has pre-risen rails ...

    So if I can figure out what that material is, maybe I can get a good "no rattle butt stock and just add some material.

    Again, suggestions welcome.

    I have two sorts of lowers ... carbine lowers and "DMR" ish lowers ... the DMR-ish will have different triggers and an improved butt-stock.

    So I am asking about the DMR-ish sort of lowers.

  • Ok this one looks like a contender ... has 'anti-rattle' and an optional cheek piece and optional butt plate ..


  • Hey @Kansas what's the price tag look like for this one. Looks like just what I need for me 308 bolt gun!

  • I wound up going with the Larue CTR butt stock.


    I already have one of those on the other DMR-ish and there is a cheek riser that can be bolt on which slides to the rear when cycling.


    But having shot the 5.56(18) yesterday, I don't think I need a riser, though I might need an adjustable butt pad.

    As to the costs for the Luth-ar, click on those links, the costs are there!

  • My favorite AR stock:


    I don't have the gen2, but the original UBR. Love it for my go fast guns.

  • @orkan said in Thinking of getting a new (butt) stock:

    My favorite AR stock:


    I don't have the gen2, but the original UBR. Love it for my go fast guns.