6mm BR Freebore

  • Ive been back and forth for several months on a new 6mm build. I’ve looked at all the main options 6x47, 6 creedmoor, dasher, BRX, and straight 6mm BR. After looking into the pros and cons of each along with my intended purpose for the rifle I narrowed it down to the smaller 6mm BR and it’s variants. Not really wanting to do all the forming I decided on a straight 6mm BR. I plan on running the 105 class bullets but can’t get find any reliable information regarding freebore. I’ve seen anything from .060 to .130 recommended.

    Does anyone here have any recommendations on FB with real world experience with the 6mm BR?

  • @bull81 Are you going to have TS Customs do the barrel?

  • @orkan

    No not this one, I built some cabinets for my local Smith and we did some horse trading.