700 REM Factory action vs Custom action

  • For those considering rebarreling a 700 SA vs getting a Custom barrel action replacement.

    if you grease your action how many rounds is a Factory 700 SA good for and how many is a custom action like a Defiant or a Fuzion good for?

    Let's assume you DO NOT do anything like Orkan's torture test.

  • The difference between rem700 and custom action does not have to do with round count. Features and ergo's are what separate them. I've known guys with over 100,000rnds on a rem700 action.

  • For instance, I tried the Lone Peak action at the class, on one of Travis' rifles. Running the bolt was totally possible with your pinky. Compared to my new "gunsmith adjusted" REM700 SA which I can run with my index finger only, but must support with thumb on chassis to preserve NP. Compared again to my Shooting buddies Wally World REM700 SA which is 3 years old with round count around 500, that is still VERY stiff and must be "man-handled with vigor" to open the bolt and even more so to close the bolt.
    So running the bolt, might just be one aspect, but it seems real, when I compare those three actions!

    I put some sort of "dry graphite lube" on my REM700 LA for my .300WM when I first got it, as it was stiff. Now round count 602 and it is a tad bit easier than my 2 month old REM700 SA gunsmith adjusted with round count 225.

  • You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with a factory action again on a “custom” rifle. Quality is just much nicer on the Customs...at least some of them.

  • @martino1 you also shouldn't be referencing "defiant" (defiance) in the same sentence as Lone Peak Fuzion. The defiance actions I've owned and have used are nothing like a Lone Peak. Bolt lift, features, and ergo's on the Lone Peak actions are in a class all their own.

    If Lone Peak wasn't around, Impact actions are really nice as well... but I prefer Lone Peak. Beyond that, I don't feel that there are any other actions I'd consider building on right now.

  • @orkan

    I saw they had good showings in PRS and I haven't owned a Defiance so thanks for clearing that up in my mind and your users. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify. I'll probably do a ground up build next year or maybe a Barrel/Action for my MPA Chassis. I just put a new barrel on a 700SA and I wont be doing that again. Just planning ahead.

  • @martino1 said in 700 REM Factory action vs Custom action:

    I saw they had good showings in PRS

    Competition is a solid measure for the performance of people, but a really poor measure for equipment.

    Give a good competitor some crappy gear and he'll likely still dominate the majority of the shooters there with the best of gear. Quality equipment is certainly desirable if you're competing at a high level, but what those shooters choose does not represent the truth of where each piece of equipment stands in relation to the other choices in that category.

    The truth of which feature is executed better or which can perform movements with better ergonomics and least amount of effort will stand on its own and does not require any other metric. Those that were at the recent Advanced Rifle Concepts class can testify to this. Once you know which questions to ask and what factors are important, and why, you can pretty easily rate actions based on performance in a classroom setting. Things like endurance and reliability take field use to determine, but are still completely separate from a scored performance scenario such as a match.

  • If i was building another custom rifle it would be with a custom action.I have 2 defiance machine actions and both of them had to go back to defiance to get them working like they should have from the start.When travis built me a rifle with a lone peak fusion ti action, it was good to go from the beginning.I agree with orkan on the lone peak actions.