Grayboe Ridgeback

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    – M–LOK® built into the fore-end
    – Adjustable cheek piece
    – Adjustable Length of pull
    – Built in bubble level
    – Homogeneous fiberglass epoxy construction
    – 3lbs 12 oz

    Barreled Action Availability
    Remington 700 Short Action & Long Action, DBM or BDL, Sendero / Varmint barrel contour

    Stock MSRP: $599
    DBM MSRP: $159

    Pretty sweet setup there for some low money.

  • @orkan
    My Smith is a dealer for these and has been very impressed with them. Greyboe actually recommends not bedding them, and claims no performance gain will result with bedding over not bedded. David’s been doing some testing with them not bedded and so far is working well.

    He’s still not fully convinced bedding isn’t necessary and wants to do more long term testing but so far results are showing promise and he’s becoming less skeptical about.