Cleaning optics

  • Got a question for you guys that live and shoot in extremely dusty environments. Shot a match last weekend and loaned a rifle to a friend to shot as well. I’ve never seen dust like that before, it was extremely fine almost like flower. It caked up in everything even the holes in the top of the screws on the scope rings. I had to dig it all out with a tooth pick. I’ve managed to get both rifles cleaned up and all the dust and dirt out, but the optics are still covered in it. I tried gently blowing it of the lens like I normally but that’s not working. Wheat do you guys usually do to safely clean the lens on your optics?

  • Pull the scope off the rifle via crossbolts, get a squirt bottle with some water and squirt the bulk of the ass off the lenses with water. Then finish it up with some lens cloth.

  • @orkan
    Thanks I’ll give that a try. I’d hate to know I had to shoot in that type of dust on a regular basis