Funnels for Prometheus

  • The Gen II has always shipped with the RCBS 'Quick Change' funnel. This comes with various sloppy plastic nozzles where one size fits several calibers and tended to drop kernals. I thus started offering brass nozzles that were caliber specific to alleviate this issue. This has proven to be a generally good solution for almost all users. Lately there has been interest in 2 others funnels which I have now done some basic testing on and this is my current take on them: all testing done with 22 cal nozzle and H4350. What I was looking for is powder flow... i.e. No clogging

    Hardcore Extreme.
    This is very nicely made and flows powder better than any others. If loading a 22-06, this is the way to go, and yes I have even seen a Garand chambered thusly. If it does clog, you cannot see it so you have to pay attention to powder level in the case. Orkan makes an adapter to be able to utilize these under Prometheus.

    Area 419
    I had high hopes for this but it dissapointed. It did not flow as well as my brass nozzles and also allowed more kernals to bounce around, possibly out of the funnel due to its shorter height. It does have applications where it will be beneficial, such as mounting Prometheus on a Dillon 550. One just has to be aware of limitations. The fluting also has capabilty of holding a kernal on the side of the funnel and not falling into the case. I saw this a couple times with the H4350. If loading flake or ball powder this is NOT the set up to use. Again, one cannot see if it clogs.
    That said, it has a place on my 550 setup.

    RCBS Quick Change
    This remains the standard I will utilize. It works well and allows operator to visually see if it clogs, which is pretty rare outside of special circumstances. In summary, still the best all around solution.

    For those running a 17 or 20 caliber....
    I would suggest Orkans adapter for the Hardcore Extreme funnels.

    For those not loading a heavy charge in a small caliber, they all should work fine and the Area 419 still appeals to me. Still would like to be able to see if it clogs. If anyone does use this, it is possible to learn to release the powder from the weighing tray slower which will ammeliorate issues to some extent.

    A note about static electricity, which is simply an accumulation of charge on the surface of a non-conductive***

    • bolded text*** object since it cannot conduct to ground... Yes, plastic does hold a static charge since it is nonconductive. So is anodized aluminum though! In all situations a wipe with Staticide towellete takes care of things for some time.