Razor Gen I

  • Hello,
    I am new to the forums and building my first Long Range Rifle. It is a Howa barreled action in 308 on a Bell & Carlson stock. I was searching for a PST gen II or Burris XTR II for this rifle. I came across a gently used and refurbished Razor Gen I 5-25X50. Needless to say, it is waiting on rings to be mounted to my rifle. I came across the Razor for the same price if not cheaper than any PST II in my area that I could find. I had heard good things about the Razor so i jumped on it and bought it. Now, I wonder if I got a good deal on the scope. Yet, Ive found very little on these scopes. So please let me know your experience and pointers for this scope below. Thank you all, I look forward to learning from you!

  • I'm not familiar with a gen1 razor 5-25, only a 5-20.

    I've seen them for sale from $800-1200 pretty regular.

  • @orkan
    You are correct it is only 5-20. Sorry I’ve been researching scopes for months and have issues keeping it straight. I paid roughly $850 for the scope. I felt it was a step above the pst gen ii and offered 125 moa of elevation and windage compared to the pst’s 70 moa adjustments. I was interested in some real world usage.

  • @bigred502 I've owned them and used them. Better than lots of things. Worse than lots of things.

    You already bought it. So the time for advice would seem to have passed. What are you looking for exactly? It's either going to function, or not. Is there a specific thing you're wanting to know?

  • @orkan Honestly, just if there is anything to look out for with them. I can't un-buy the scope, which I get. But this is the most I've spent on a scope. I was looking for reassurance in a good purchase with tips for this scope or quality of optics as well. I have seen some people choose to wrap the Razor HD to avoid marking them up-but I realize its a tool, not a show piece so that won't bother me. Mainly seeking small tips and reassurance as mentioned above-while making my debut post to the forum. I will be shooting 308 with the goal of 1000 yard shots with accuracy by the end of the year. I figured the PST would do it but be at the end of elevation adjustment where the Razor wouldn't necessarily limit me to 1000 yard range or any yardage for the time being.
    I also plan to attend a Primal Rights class in the near future when I can muster the time to travel. I appreciate all of the insight you provide across forms and knowledge you share at a relative low cost. Thanks!

  • You bought it for a good price. I'd just mount it up and use it! You'll see soon enough if there are any limitations which matter to you.

  • @orkan
    Thank you for all the help. Waiting on mounts now.