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  • My wife and I spent the weekend down at our place in South Texas for a break from the coast. There was a couple of stray calico cats hanging around the house when we got there Friday and I filled a pan up with water for them, don't mind cats and it's pretty dry down there. Saturday we cleaned the flower beds out around the house and removed the rock border that my grandmother placed there years ago. Almost a full front end loader bucket of bull rock. I had been carrying my wife's S&W Airweight in my pocket with snake loads all day expecting one of the things to make an appearance but we got through without incident. Around beer thirty we came back to the house after doing some shooting down at the tank and one of the cats was locked up on something by the back steps of the house. I walked right up to the cat and had to shoo it away and when I went around a cistern at the back of the house there it was. That sucker lit up when it saw me and I lit it up with a snake load. I don't go hunting rattlers but when they hunt me It's time for them to go. Five foot stretched out and weighed about ten pounds. I wear Chippewa's but one this size could hit you above the knee, had it happen to a friend of mine. Did what a good Texan would do and hung it on the fence, supposed to make it rain.

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  • Nope, notta, count me out.
    Not even a "no thank you helping".

  • @tscustoms said in Pre Mother's Day Visitor:

    Nope, notta, count me out.
    Not even a "no thank you helping".

    Agreed. Do no wish to be near danger worms.

  • Would've made a nice skin for a wall piece. If you are into that sort of thing. Friend of mine has a a mount of one in striking position, gives me the willies every time I see it in his living room.

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    There’s good eatin on one of those. Think of it like long chicken chicken breasts.

  • @tackyp
    Yep, been to several BBQ's and they show up on the pit next to gator tail and freshwater gar. The rib cage kind of turns me off but they always seem to get eaten up. Alligator is great, it's commercially produced down here and is on the menu at quite a few eating places. Fried rattler might be better the pit version gets dried out pretty easy. Gar patties are good if they are seasoned right, kind of like a salmon patty. And then there's frog legs, those things are really good. Guess if you can stomach frog flesh you can handle a snake.

  • To me, Snake tastes a lot like eel for those that like sushi so long as you don't over cook it.