Class Food Recipes

  • Every year I have the pleasure of making food for those who attend our Precision Rifle class. After class a few folks ask how to make the food, so this year I have compiled my recipes for you to enjoy:




  • @gash

    My mouth still waters thinking about those burritos!

  • @dddoo7 the burritos are hands down the class favorite. I wish I could capture the same flavor in a much cleaner food.

  • Me too. I haven’t had anything like that in about 6 months.

  • @gash
    Those burritos were delicious. Planning on duplicating in the future. We often prepare and freeze some breakfast burritos for a quick breakfast when in a hurry. Going to need to find and alternative to the Velveeta though. As a Wisconsin farm boy it's just not acceptable to have that in my home. You could probably swap the pork sausage out for some turkey sausage for a healthier alternative also. We've experimented with some of the turkey breakfast sausage options out there and been pleased with some of them.

    I am also curious what you prepared Friday night? I am generally a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but my wife and have been trying to eat healthier as of late. We always seem to come up a bit short on ideas though. Both Friday's dinner and Saturday's lunch are something I would not normally get excited about but they were both delicious and would have been requested again. I foresee them being added to out menu in the future.

    Thanks again for preparing those delicious meals for all of us.

  • @bear9350

    Friday Night was what we call 'Salsa Chicken and I tossed in a can of drained/rinsed black beans':

    The rice was a homemade Spanish Rice. Basically make some rice, add some tomatoes, green chilies and taco seasoning to it.

    I totally understand not wanting to use Velveeta. I love a good cheese too, but Velveeta is just too dang easy for large batches. You could make a recipe similar to this: Then add your sausage and rotel tomatoes.

    Truly my pleasure to make the meals for everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed them. If you need some help figuring out healthy, but tasty meals I can definitely help you. We've been on a healthier eating path for quite some time now, with many twists and turns in the journey. I can also help clean up your favorite recipes if needed, just ask away :)

  • @gash

    Thank you for preparing the meals to nourish us during the class. It really allows one to focus on the task at hand when well fed.
    Your contribution was much appreciated!

  • @walley2960 my pleasure!


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