Fellow Nebraskan's LB745 and Mountain Lion Hunting

  • Fellow Nebraskan's, yesterday scumbag Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers successfully filibustered his Mountain Lion hunting ban back into discussion by stalling LB745.

    I don't really care if you support LB745 or not, and this isn't about that.

    I strongly urge you to contact your state Senator and tell him you do not support any ban on hunting.


    The idea that Hunters may now be hit two fold this year by facing increased hunting fees (LB745 will allow the state to increase hunting license fees) and face a ban on hunting a predator is absurd.

    Make sure you let your senator know that you do not appreciate them letting Erie Chambers bully his bill back into discussion.

    Thanks, and have a nice day.

    P.S, I didn't know if this belonged in here or in the state thread, maybe we should have a sub forum for state issues, and one for federal?

  • It is really annoying that nebraska is turning into another liberal infestation. South Dakota has had minnesota to the east, which is a cesspool... and now nebraska is going the same way.

  • @orkan mainly it seems to be Ernie Chambers.

    I've only recently started following closely, and he seems to be the driving factor.