New lot of powder mysterious vertical

  • I just switched to a new lot of varget, tested for velocity. Velocity was spot on as well as my ES and SD with the previous lot. Shot a 1000 yard match today and had some pretty bad vertical issues and my scores suffered. Normally if I fall out of the 10 ring vertically I can call the shot before it’s even scored. I had several rounds drop into the 8 ring low and then jump high in the 9 ring on the next round. Any chance this could have something to do with the different powder lot? Nothing else has changed same lot of bullets, and primers.

  • Sounds like zero value winds downrange causing vortices.

  • @bull81 ES/SD and velocity all being dead on with previous lot is good, but that doesn't mean you were centered in a node anymore.

    If you are at either end of a node, you'll have that vertical scatter. New lots of components dictates new load dev.

    That's why I buy large quantities of everything.

  • @orkan
    Thanks and I’ll definitely do another work up to be safe. It was a two day match and not everyone but a big majority of the shooters were having vertical issues Saturday. I came home and stripped the rifle down to nothing but a bare action and barrel, cleaned and torqued everything back to specs. Not saying I fixed a thing but had no vertical problems yesterday at all and was able to pull of a win with a 592 30x.

    It very well good have been condition related, but to be safe I’ll redo the load work up again.