Berger bullets problems

  • This picture has been floating around a few days and is supposedly two 105 hybrids from different lot numbers. The guy that took the picture said when he contacted Berger they said is was due to a worn out die and they either had replaced it or where replacing it.

    Seems to me it be impossible for a die to wear enough to make this drastic of a change in the bullet. Looks more like a mistake was made in packaging and the wrong bullets ended up in the wrong box somehow.

    Anyone else seen anything this drastic lot to lot or have any idea how this much change could be from a worn die?


  • haha! Yeah that looks like a 105BTHP not a "worn die" hybrid

  • Never seen something like that before.

    The only "berger bullets problems" I have is not being able to find the ones I need sometimes.

    Finally got a hold of some hybrids. ;)


  • I wonder if they’re going through some growing pains after moving???

  • @norcal_in_az said in Berger bullets problems:

    I wonder if they’re going through some growing pains after moving???

    You're probably spot on... I called them asking about production on the 6.5 hybrids and they mentioned that they were a little behind because some staff didn't move with the company to the new location.

  • My guess is these bullets were packaged on a Monday and the employee that did the packaging was trying to recover from a long weekend of some sort.


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