Bullet Deformation

  • I bought an aftermarket ten round magazine for my 513 that has started messing up at round number five when it's being chambered. It won't tilt the round up towards the bore and runs it into the front of the magazine and puts a deep indentation in the soft lead bullet. I have been single loading and firing the damaged round and then it will usually feed the rest. I messed with it this morning with some live rounds pointed in a safe direction and found it skins up just about every one it feeds. After taking it apart and bending the back follower I finally got it to feed without binding but it still nicks the bullets slightly. The Remington five round mag does it very slightly also but not as bad. Question is, does a little scuffing cause problems? I guess single loading is the test to see if it's really a factor that needs to be fixed. Is this why a lot of target rimfire rifles are single shot?

  • @bigfoot said in Bullet Deformation:

    Question is, does a little scuffing cause problems?

    Yes. Bullet deformation will cause accuracy/precision issues.

    It's real easy to make a repeater 22lr. It's very difficult to make one that doesn't cause accuracy issues. How much of an issue, depends on the accuracy capability of the rifle in question.

  • I believe there may be an issue with the accuracy capability of the shooter in question as well as the equipment, if you know what I mean. Hard to break bad habits.