Large reason whats wrong with kids


    I feel this is a large part of what's wrong with these kids these days, short of the parents being snowflake, retards.

    If you are a teacher teaching kids in school it is their job and duty to remain neutral and keep your personal beliefs out of you teaching. As a teacher you must teach both sides of anything that is being taught. If you teach gov't issues then you teach about both sides and what each side stands for and does, and don't cast judgement either way. The job of a teacher is to judge only the test grades and if the answer is correct or not, not to sway the beliefs of the child and force your opinion and beliefs on them. As a teacher you guide them to be able to form their own opinion and beliefs. and if those ideals don't coincide with yours that's ok as long as their beliefs don't include hurting or treating others badly, that is another issue that might involve intervention of some kind, that is not what I am talking about here.

    When a child is in school they need to be taught not trained. There has to be an end to the tenure teachers at all levels get, I feel that they need to be held accountable for the problems and bad teaching some do that hinder the true meaning of teaching. When a teacher gets tenure they become untouchable 99% of the time unless they do something highly illegal like sexually playing around with a student or going postal etc. short of something like that they are safe. That is just not right.

    Even this latest action by a Professor is not grounds enough for termination.

    There has to be a major draining of this swamp too along with the Gov't. What and how we teach the children now is what and how we live tomorrow IMO.

  • Seems your description of what teacher should be is really for public schools. A great many people put their kids in private schools so they don't get a neutral point of view or both sides of issues taught. A great many people don't want their kids to know "the other side's" view point . . .that would be too liberal. ;)

  • Our country used to not only teach our children "reading, writing, rithmatic", but morals as well. Children learned right and wrong in school and they learned the Bible in school. The problem with that today is that there are so many teachers who would not teach morals or religion correctly thereby leading many kids you pointed out.

    Thing is the parents responsibility to train their children. Public school is a good tool for teaching and training children, but it never will be a "fix all" for raising children. Parents must still put time and effort into making sure that the children are being taught properly...and will still need to do some teaching and a lot of training at home. A lack of teaching/training going on in our country is a big problem. We have plenty of "educated" children that have not been trained "aka-- snowflakes".