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  • Is there anything more satisfying than knocking the centers out of steel plates? I hung this plate at 420yds on monday. It's been hit by 6.5cm which doesn't do much damage, and my 300wsm with 208gr eld-m's.
    The eld-m's are going about 2820fps mv.
    I was going to zipper it down the center but our barrels were warming up with 80 deg F temps today.

  • @donnie said in Most satisfying:

    Is there anything more satisfying than knocking the centers out of steel plates?

    Not potentially cutting myself on shot up mild steel.

    If you can source it, find a chunk of steel more suited to taking bullets. AR500 is largely popular for this application. I have a piece of 3/8" thick AR500 that has 10s of thousands of rounds on it, from .22LR all the way to 338LM. For the most part, it still looks new and doesn't have any of those dangerous pits in it.

    If you can't just purchase it, look into some Ag/farm equipment, mostly things in contact with the ground. A hard, high wear steel is what you're after. Don't shoot discs, or other objects that can direct the bullet in an unknown path (especially towards you).

  • @brittel When we have extra weld plates on my projects, I take them just for this purpose. Can't beat free. I understand what you are saying with the AR500 steel though.

  • I love shooting steel plates.I shot plates like yours for 50 years and got tired of cutting my hands up handling them.I started shooting ar500 steel about 2 years ago and i don't even need leather gloves to handle them.I also shot a small piece of rail from train tracks and it was hard as shit.

  • T1 is easier to find general and works very well too.


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