Cleaning a very dirty suppressor

  • I am attempting to clean my Tac Ops suppressor. It has in excess of 6500 rounds through it. I took brittel or ddd pic from a while ago and built a pvc 2" tube with a removable end cap. I poured CLR in and shook / emptied and repeated. Now it is soaking in CLR. My question is how long would you let it soak, hour , days, weeks? I do have an ultrasonic cleaner. My thought was to soak a couple days shake , rinse and then put in ultra sonic. Any suggestions or thoughts would be most appreciated.
    Thank You

  • I let mine soak overnight sometimes a couple times if needed

  • I let mine soak until I quit dumping trash out of it. Mine only had about 2500 or 3000 rounds and it took couple of weeks.

  • Also after mine has soaked over night I rinse it out and blow it out with compressed air. The high pressure air breaks a lot of it up. I usually weigh mine and if it’s back to original weight or at least real close I call it good, if not a soak it over night again and repeat everything. I usually clean every 1000 rounds or so, 6500 rounds gonna be really caked in there.

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    How my process went:

    First soak: Place the PVC container in a pan or bucket or something that can catch the "magma". The first couple of times you pour CLR into the suppressor, it will foam up like crazy, especially on the first go, so you will want to have something to catch the overflow.
    After it's done foaming, I filled the tube so that the entire suppressor was under CLR. I then let it soak for a few hours, capped the PVC and shook it. Once my arms tired I uncapped it, pulled the suppressor out and rinsed with water. I found it helpful to fill the suppressor about 1/2-3/4 full of water (by plugging the exit hole with my finger) and then shaking. Be sure to plug the end that screws onto your barrel or brake before shaking it. After I was tired of shaking it, I would position it so the brake/thread side is down, keeping my finger on the exit hole (top), and shake the water out. This seemed to help get the larger chunks out vs just letting the water flow out of it.

    I repeated this 3 or 4 times the first day. Before placing the suppressor back into the PVC tube I would dump the used CLR and rinse the tube. I did this to monitor when I was no longer getting chunks of crud out of the suppressor. Each time it went into the PVC tube I would give it fresh CLR.

    I then let it soak for a full day, and then again for a couple days. If I recall correctly it took about a week to get it very close to spotless and I used about a half gallon of CLR.

    I had over 5,000 rounds through my suppressor when I cleaned mine.

  • @brittel thank you. I did all that you said. Since I had to travel I left it in the pvc tube to soak a fee days. Should be home tomorrow to see hoe it is progressing.