Gun grab has begun

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    This was a little while ago but could happen again. What town or city do you think will be first to repeat it?

    I remember when this first came out. The piece he is reading is satire. It is pure fiction, it didn't actually happen. At least not the way it is written. It was a satirical piece written by a pro-gun, anti-gun ban writer. The writer modernized the story of the Battle of Lexington, when the British attempted to take guns from colonists during the first battle of the Revolutionary war. "Thomas Gage" was not the elected governor of Mass. he was a British general given the position by the King of England, and the "assault weapons" were muskets. The writer wrote it with modern weapons, government organizations, etc to demonstrate what would happen today if our current government tried to take guns from armed citizens.

    It was supposed to serve as a warning to our current government, but the Youtuber completely missed the point. A little fact-checking on his part would have been prudent. The last two paragraphs reveal it is satire, stating it to be events from 1775. And yet he completely misses that as well.

  • Thanks for the heads up @flyinphill, I was about to research it myself.

    @datec, don't propagate fake news.

  • Thanks for that, I didn't mean to propagate anything fake. I should have looked into it a little deeper before posting, I usually do look into all info but somehow missed this one. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again, I got caught up scouring for the latest info.

    Sorry about that I will delete that post.