20 billion dollars flew over my head today.

  • Ten B2 bombers flew over my house, with 6 of them pulling a hard turn right above us this afternoon. Two groups of 4 and a pair, about 20 minutes apart from each other. I'm out shooting my 6BR and I hear this roar... I look up and there are two jets flying VERY close to each other. So I look closer... OMG B2's!!!! I run grab the DSLR with 300mm lens and get to snapping.

    I couldn't help but feeling thankful that those fellas are up there. We have some serious muscle on the world stage, and equipment like this is a big reason for that. I can just imagine the feeling our enemies have when they look up and see these beasts cruising.


  • That’s an awesome sight

  • definitely bad ass.

  • It’s a great feeling seeing those guys flying over head. I live just a few miles from Luke AFB, everyday hearing the jets just make me proud.

  • I'd rather buy more of those than have 1C of my tax dollars go to welfare. 'cause 'merica!