Decapping pin issues

  • @orkan if I remember correctly awhile back you commented about a decapping pin pulling the primer back into the pocket. I can’t find the post, what did you do to solve this issue? I have one on a whidden die that’s pulling close to half of the primers back into the pocket maybe more.

  • I have had this issue when forming 300 blackout on a Dillon 1050. I used to decap with a lee decapping die...and it works ok, but like you said sometimes pulls the primer back in. I switched to a 45 colt sizing die to use for decapping the rough cut 223 brass. It is spring loaded and almost never pulls the primer back in.

    That said, it is not possible to do so with standard rifle cartridges. A standard decapping pin will work pretty good when it is polished and rounded on the tip. Usually it will have a burr on it if it is pulling primers back in and a good polish will usually fix it. Don’t sharpen the tip as it will grab worse.

  • @dddoo7
    Thanks I’ll try to clean up the pin and see if that helps. I normally use a decapping die separately and it works great I never have it pull primers back in, but I’m trying to cut down on time and remove that step from the process on certain cartridges

  • Yeah that was the fix I deployed. Rounded off the edges of the pin so it didn't grab the sides of the anvil.