AMP Aztec mode

  • I downloaded the Aztec upgrade for my Annealing Made Perfect machine tonight and fooled around with it awhile. I've still got some experimentation to do, but I think I'm going to be happy with it.

    I grabbed 25 lapua .308 cases and using the sort function, the machine divided them into 5 different groups. The cases definitely fell into a bell curve, which made me suspicious so I tried to fool the machine by seeing if it would report different number on a case I had already measured if I inserted it repeatedly. It wouldn't.

    Not science, I know, and I'm not sure when I'd use this feature at this stage in my shooting development, but I thought I'd report it. I'm going to try out the analyse feature in the coming week or so and use it to anneal the cases I'm going to shoot in my upcoming match.

  • @tackyp

    I’m very curious about this upgrade, seems like a big step in the right direction. I have a friend that said he couldn’t find out how to do the upgrade, is it up on their site now?

  • It was kind of a pain in the ass to get installed, but I'm half retard when it comes to this type of thing.

    First you download the upgrade from the AMP website and run that on your machine. This puts the upgrade on the machine but leaves it locked.

    Then you purchase the unlock code from either Grafs, Brownells or Creedmoor sports. They take your money and within 48 hours AMP emails you directly the code to unlock the upgrade.

    Plug in the code, without the hyphens as I learned tonight and boom, Aztec mode.

    I should add that the installer is a little rudimentary. It stopped a couple times as I was trying to make it work, and I had to restart the process.

    I've got some tests I want to run, the big one being mixing lots of brass and seeing if the machine can sort them and then if that even makes a difference. Let me know if you think of anything you want to try, I'm sure AMP answers it better than I can, but I'd be willing to try.

  • Keep the info coming, I am looking at this as well. Do you know if the software its compatible with Mac or is it PC only?

  • @tackyp

    Thanks fella. I didn’t even know it would sort brass for you, I thought it just self calibrated itself for different brass. Keep us posted how it does as you mess around with it.

  • @painless

    PC only for now. Mac is coming according to their website.

  • Did some more fooling. Still nothing ultra scientific but I’m trying to figure out what the machine is looking at when it sorts cases.

    According to AMP its measuring the mass in the neck and shoulder region but I’ve also learned it’s sensitive to trim length and even the dent from the ejector.

    If I’m going to use this in any functional sense I think it would have to be just before loading, similar to when a bench rest shooter would.

    More to follow.