Long Range Rimfire

  • Back in 2014 I made several videos of me shooting my Savage 22 and Handi Rifle 17 HMR at 200 yards. I shot some of it while seated shooting from a Polaris Ranger and then later moved a table out into the field to get a better rest. Ain't no way I'm laying on the ground out there with the red ant population we have plus scorpions under every leaf. Weeds were too tall anyway. This video is one of me shooting from the seat with Remington sub sonic's out of the Savage suppressed at 200 yards. I was zeroed at 100 with high velocity CCI's and used the mil dots for hold over. I finished three rounds of shooting different other high velocity loads and decided to try the sub's. The wind amazingly fell off for these shots or it wouldn't have happened. About the best I could pull off with HV loads was three hits out of five on the plate trying to judge the wind and hold over. Anyway, getting two hits in a row got me excited especially with that ammo. I even lost count and pulled on an empty chamber.

  • An older gentleman in my circle of marksman has been practicing .22 long rifle at 200 yards for over 20 years. He told me that's how to learn to read the wind.

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    During that week of shooting the mirage would get so bad it was like looking through a fish bowl. The air temperature was hitting 100 degrees plus in the afternoon with puffs of hot wind that seem to come from nowhere. I was scoping the target off of the table trying to get a comfortable position and could actually see little tiny cyclones spinning across the field. Guess the heat was creating them. That country is famous for dust devils, usually get a couple every day in the summer. I finally got smart and tied some surveyor tape on the target rack to see the wind. Lots of fun shooting the plate, targets not so much. I still can't do much with wind need way more practice. One thing for sure where I live wind is plentiful.

  • It appears I wasn't the only one stretching it out with a .22 this weekend. Too bad I don't get to try my hand at dirt puppies or whatever they are called so I am limited to a steel disc or plate. I have some turtles down at the tank that are pretty elusive and Jack Rabbits occasionally that want to commit suicide. Probably don't want the puppies, I can see a bunch of crippled up cows and horses if they moved in. You all can keep them things I'll keep the pigs. Anyway, Sunday after noon was almost windless so I set up for 200 yards first. I put a Nikon Monarch scope on my Savage that has ranging circles not dots for holdover. I ran a trajectory sheet using the Nikon Spot On using high velocity 22 rimfire with a hundred yard zero but I was zeroed at fifty with standard velocity ammo. After burning up some Mini Mag's I finally returned the scope to 7x which is what the Nikon data showed for a 300 yard holdover utilizing the third circle for that range and I'll be danged if I didn't hit the six inch plate at 200 using that set up. What little wind was right to left so I ended up making a slight windage adjustment with the dials. This scope has very little elevation with the turrets. To begin with it's a 1" tube and I have a zero cant base so it was about maxed out with a fifty yard zero using standard velocity ammo. Not a good choice for rimfire but I bought it for something that shoots quite a bit flatter. The best run I had was ten out of ten hits on the plate (CCI Minimag's) so I decided to go to 300 yards. I found a piece of stainless from a dead gas grill that measured 19" x 25" for a target to try and make a hit at the further distance. After burning up several magazines of ten I finally got a hit, I had been shooting over the top of the dang plate. My spotter was inside glued to the TV watching old movies so I was on my own. If the flag was flapping out to the left side I waited for it to subside and got used to my holdover on the rectangle then tried the disc. I got better watching the wind and decided to set up the camera. Pretty sure I got all five on the stainless and three on the disc. The last one splattered and cut one of the wires attaching it to the stand. After the video I shot some 36 grain hollow points and worked the plate over pretty hard. A couple passed through but I picked up a little pile of splattered bullets in front of the stand. Kinda cool. Might be catching the plate banging bug that's going around. Video to come shortly.
    The look at 200 yards
    Before at 300
    After at 300
    Hollow Points

  • Here's the video. Doubt if I will get an award for this. It was right at 100 degrees and the mirage was pretty strong. I might have missed that last shot on the stainless plate. I could barely hear the hits back at the barn where I was shooting. I got a small dust devil on video after I shot this that's pretty cool. Might send it to the Tube later.