Automated digital scale trickler

  • I've seen a lot of hack jobs where guys rig up servo's and various controls to their scales to attempt a faster powder setup. Most are pretty terrible.

    This guy looks like he's got something pretty good figured out here, and I wanted to share it with you guys. Obviously I don't think this setup is better than a Prometheus, but it's a whole lot cheaper too. Guys with smaller budgets might be interested. Especially if you can get the kit hooked up to cheaper scales. The one in the video goes for about $650'ish if my google-fu is correct. So that would put your kit at just shy of $900 all said and done.

    Digital scales tend to be possessed by the devil. The higher dollar ones seem to be not as much so, but still be sure to follow this guide:

  • What advantage does this offer over a automated dispenser? Just a more accurate scale?

  • Correct. The commercially available automated dispensers such as the RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo are only accurate to within +/- .1gr, and in reality are usually closer to +/- .2 across a wide enough segment of time/repetitions.

    The higher end lab-grade scales are much more precise and less prone to drift.

  • @orkan I just saw this, this morning being talked about on Facebook and wondered if you'd seen it. It's interesting!

  • The fact that it takes off immediately on an empty pan would put a little pressure on a guy to dump powder in there quick. If it trickled too much, you might not be able to dump under with the size scoop you have. Then too, that style of trickler is only going to be so precise. they don't drop single kernels at a time. Hence the invention of the Omega tricklers... and even those aren't guaranteed to drop a single kernel at a time.

    The trickler on the Prometheus is the only one I've seen which adequately solves that problem entirely.

    Still, I have to believe that this setup in the video would achieve a much higher level of precision than the chargemaster is capable of. I've often wondered why RCBS wouldn't offer an "enhanced" version or something with a much more accurate scale. If they would offer a chargemaster combo with a scale that was reliably +/- .05gr... they could charge $1000 for the thing. Gotta believe they could make such a thing happen and make plenty of money. Yet companies like that typically won't even glance at something which caters to such a narrow segment of shooters.

  • I would think dumping a charge from a Uniflow that was .5-1 grain light and then setting it on the scale would be a better method with this setup than dumping with the little Lee scoops. I guess, pretty similar to what the Prometheus does.