Trump and Perot

  • When we needed a change in the way Gov't runs there are 2 names that always come to mind.

    The Ross Perot video explains just what kind of man he was and what values he had for Americans.

    Trump... You can say that while not everything is to your liking with what he has done (there have been moves I didn't like at all, the Indian issue being one) I think one thing is for sure we are far better off with him then the others especially Clinton. The one thing you will never hear from the cracked media is the good he has done.

    The 2 here have done for our fellow man when the Gov't wouldn't or failed, they have both gotten the jobs done and at their own expense and not looking for the praise of others. These 2 have done way more then any other presidential hopeful would ever do and any sitting President for that matter.

    The Perot video is well worth taking the time to watch. I would love to watch the movie (TV version) they made of it.

    Ross Perot is a Badass I wanted to vote for him in the worst way, I would have loved to see him get in.