Give me some advice for shooting prone on icy surfaces

  • From day to day conditions are changing. One day, I have good dry ground to set my bipod on, and am shooting pretty good. The next day everything is frozen and groups open up. I spend more time setting up my position, scrape down to dirt as best I can, clear snow under my rear bag, but it seems the days that the ground is frozen I can't keep under 1/2 moa on the targets. I can somewhat control it if I reset my bipod into its first impression made on the ground before firing each shot, but are there better methods? Bipod spikes?
    Thanks, Don.

  • Tough situation. Your body must be perfectly behind that recoil, and I mean perfectly. Without solid friction on the bipod feet, any off axis movement will be immediately seen. Easy solution is to see where the bipod feet are going to lay, and chisel a couple divots in the ground/ice for the feet to sit in.

    I've shot on glare ice before. It's difficult to get the rifle to stay in place during recoil, but not impossible.

  • @orkan Next time I'm out, I'm going to try chiseling some notches in the ground. I noted that when I was shooting, after the recoil process, the rifle was settling about 24 moa to the left of center of target. I'll work on getting centered behind the rifle and see what happens next week. Thanks for the advice.