6.5 Creedmoor A/R Platform

  • A friend of mine asked me about an A/R in 6.5 creedmoor. He is asking what he should buy and specs. I told him don't know, but I may have a forum that will give us some honest info. So if you where looking for a nice A/R 6.5 creed what would you buy , barrel length, twist etc and why. Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Barrel length would be determined by intended application. Twist = 8. JP enterprises has some awfully nice 6.5CM AR's that I've worked with. Quite accurate. Gas guns aren't my forte however. I avoid them when I can.

    If suppressed shooting is in his future, he'll want a piston driven unit. DI guns get extremely dirty. In either instance an adjustable gas block is a must. I prefer sleek low profile handguards on my AR's. Quad rails suck.

    Pew pew pew!

  • There's a lot of over sold items in the AR world. The three biggest keys to an accurate AR is the barrel, the bolt, and the trigger. The rest is kind of just fluff.

    As orkan said the barrel is determined by what bullet he wants to shoot, at which targets, and how far. Once you know that, barrel specs are easy to get. JP's a top end and they should have bolts that will match their barrels. So that takes care of item #2. The Trigger, find your favorite high end brand trigger and go.

    Now I know I said the rest is kind of just fluff, but I still like to get some quality parts here. I'd buy a matching set of recivers, and a handguard. Aero Precision makes 3 piece sets that are nice and don't break the bank. Then a fully adjustable stock on the back, like Magpuls or the Luth AR.

  • Also there’s no standard for the AR10 as there is with the AR15.

    There’s DPMS/AR10/SR25 just to name three. The parts are smilar but not interchangeable. Make sure your parts work together if you’re gonna build it. Or make sure you bought from a place with a good return policy.

  • I only have one thing to add/repeat/emphasize ...

    [quote] ... adjustable gas block is a must ... [/quote]

  • Oh haha
    I only have 1 more thing to add/repeat/emphasize ...

    I'm against the AR-10/SR-25 sort of platform on principle and that principle is the LACK of interchangebility of the parts. I did put a 6.5G(18) upper on a 5.56 lower, but that is as far as I can go. Out to 900yds, the performance of the 18 inch grendel is slightly superior to my buddy James 7.62(16) (on big frame lower) on wind like 4% better and slightly inferior on drop ... again about 4%.
    Velocity at 900 ... 1166 for the grendel (123 gr) and 1112 for the 168gr from the 7.62(16).
    (( initial MV for the 168gr was 2499 with 15 rds thru MS v3 and 2389 with 15rds thru MS V3 for the 123gr ))

    And for a small frame gas gun that is good enough for me. To push beyond 800 meters, I'm happy to pick up a bolt gun. :)

  • Aero Precision and Lewis Machine (LMT) also make 6.5CR AR10-style rifles. I don't know much about them, I just know they make them. I think the Aero uppers are proprietary, only fitting their handguards.