Shooting in the rain

  • That competition I signed up for is fast approaching, and as a result I’ve been trying to burn as much gunpowder and lead as (deliberately as) possible.

    I have a range day comming up tomorrow but it’s supposed to piss rain, something like 3 inches over the weekend.

    How much can I expect rain to change my impact on target?
    I applied my thinking cap and figured that the bullet is going to be moving so fast compared to the rain, the odds of rain and bullet meeting in flight are probably minimal. Add to that the pressure “bubble” on the front end of the bullet, which would probably blow the drops out of the way.

    So other than accounting for the pressure change and humidity, the rain shouldn’t change much. Sound right?

  • I’ve never had any issue with POI and rain, what you will run into is and increase in chamber pressure. If your load is already warm you may see some pressure signs you’d not seen under normal conditions. This is caused by the water on ammo taking up space in the chamber and interfering with the brass’s ability to grab on to the chamber walls.

    We shot a match back in February it rain all damn day on us, and a guy in our squad was shooting factory Hornady 6.5 creedmoor ammo in a custom rifle, every round he fired blew the primer out of the case. He finally had to drop out of the match he thought his headspace was shrinking haha, when I told him the water was his problem he looked at me like I was a idiot. I told him to go home dry everything off and clean everything up and he’d be fine, he never would admit I was right but just said he figured out what was wrong.

  • Wearing a pair of polarized glasses will help you see through the rain.

  • Thanks for the input everyone.