Epic Music...share what your listening to!

  • A good compilation of Christmas music:

    I'm not crazy about it, but my kiddos love it and I figure if I'm going to listen to Christmas music it better be the classic stuff ;)

  • Maybe This Time! :D

  • @gash HAHaha...absolutely love it, brings back memories.

  • @gash said:

    I'll start, stumbled on this tonight...and I freaking LOVE IT! Have listened 4 times already heeh

    I sent this link to a friend of mine and he said he thought about our government when he heard this song and his hopes for Trump.

  • I seen little feet a whole lot of years ago live and i was impressed.Piano player was something else.

  • @steelbanger There are many bands from 'back then' that I would have loved to see live.

  • When i was 17 i went to see the band argent and the 2 warm up bands were Queen and Kansas.Im a big keyboard fan and the organ player in kansas played the shit out of that B3.

  • @steelbanger Very nice!

  • @gash Great vocals.

  • @gash
    My oldest daughter loves these two girls

  • @bull81 I just stumbled on them the other day. Good music!


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