Lightweight pants

  • Hey all, looking to see if anyone knows of any manufacturer that makes some nice lightweight pants.

    I like 5.11 pants, but their pocket material is pretty bad and rips easily, that’s a no go for me because tools end up on the floor or worse in the mud. I tried contacting 5.11 to see if they had pants with pockets not made of mesh, but it’s been almost a month and I haven’t heard back from them.

    I hate blue jeans for this application, I am usually soaked all summer and blue jeans are just too heavy and hot.

    The cargo style pants with extra pockets are a big plus because I can shove more tools and hardware in them which makes walking through a cornfield much easier.

    Anyways thought I would ask here in my search. Thanks guys.

  • Kuhl makes some great lightweight pants, I am not sure they will work for your application but worth a look.

  • Orkan wears TruSpec pants and they've held up well to daily abuse:

    Duluth Trading makes some nice pants that hold up well too. They have awesome customer service and it's super easy to return items should you not like them.

  • I really like “Vertx delta stretch pants.” I own three pairs and wear them just about daily.

    They’re still practical for work and hard environments but theyre lighter than carrhart’s and don’t look tactical the way 5.11s do.

    They have an extra panel sewn into the crotch region to provide more space. I can bend, stretch and move without problem.

    I’m 6’4” and the 34” inch inseam is perfect.

  • I have been wearing 5.11 Stryker pants for years now at work driving a delivery truck.
    My wife told me to get some new ones since the three year old ones aren't releasing the stains and are worn thin.
    No holes in the pockets.
    Solid material for the pockets.

    I will look into the Vertex brand.
    Before 5.11 I wore Dickies like the ground crew at Fed Ex at ATL Airport wears that have the extra strength knees and crotch.

    New uniforms coming out in April for work so I will be shopping soon too.

  • I have Kuiu Tiburon pants for shooting in the summer that I like A LOT. Side vents and dot-air fabric make them cooler than wearing shorts. Might be a little light weight for what you're looking for though.
    I will be getting more of the Kuiu Attack pants
    They fall in between the Tiburon's and blue jeans weight wise, and they also have the side vents to cool the undercarriage off quickly when need be. I really like the way the Kuiu pants fit me. They wear like my favorite blue jeans.

    I have some Kuhl Radikls that I like when it's real warm too. Nice stretchy areas above the seat and in the crotch.
    I also have Kuhl Rydr's that I wear in the shop but they're more of a heavy jean weight canvas pant. Worst part about the Kuhl's is even their relaxed fit pants run a pretty tailored fit that can be tight on my thighs and butt.

    I've been looking at the Prana Zion stretch - they look very similar to the Kuiu Attacks
    and the FirstLite Corrugate -- $$$ is the main downfall on these