Where Did You Come From?

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    Daily Reading: Genesis 1


    Creation. This chapter details the six days of creation. Some interesting things to note:

    “God” is plural in this passage in the original Hebrew. It is seen in the English in verse 26 where God said, “let US make man”. That is interesting because in John 1:1-14 it teaches that Jesus created the world. Then in Genesis 1:2 the Holy Spirit can also be seen. In reality, the father, son, and spirit as one created the world.

    Man is created in the image of God (verse 26-27). We are not animals. We are different than animals in that we have an eternal soul.

    God created all that was created in six literal days as is taught here. He also made each animal and humans to reproduce after their kind. Both of these facts eliminate the possibility of evolution. I have no problem with this as science has yet to produce a legitimate link between two species of animals...millions of which would be necessary to substantiate evolution.

    Everything that God created is Good. God is good and as a good and righteous God all that he created was also Good. Notice verse 10, 12, 18, 25, and 31. God is not the creator or perpetrator of evil as all that He created is good!

  • What is the significance of the "he saw that it was good" moments? Pausing to admire his work... seems... manly.

  • LOL.. very manly indeed!

    Thing is...God is spiritual and does not literally have eyes to see with. Yet as He created He perceived that it was good. Everything that was created was good...not according to the perception of man...but according to the perception of God. It was good according to His perfect standards.

    God's creation is 100% good...yet there is no doubt evil in this world today. However that evil did not and could not have come from God as He is all good and everything He created is good. Evil only entered the perfect world when Satan began destroying the perfection that God had created by using it for evil. Have you ever considered that Satan doesn't create anything? Is it that he doesn't have the power? Is it that he doesn't want to create? I don't know...but Satan doesn't create, however Satan has no problem perverting that which God has created pure.