We just lost a large battle in Internet Freedom

  • And nobody saw this coming, they did it quickly and under the radar.


    The Senate Wednesday voted 97-to-2 to approve changes to the law that has shielded website operators from liability for content posted by others. The Stop Enabling Online Sex Trafficking Act was previously approved by the House and now goes to President Trump, who endorsed it earlier this month.

    Now any website can be sued if anyone on that site used that site for bad intentions regarding sex trafficking

    The law has good intentions but horrible consequences, this could lead to websites viewing everything you do (those private PMs are no longer private) or them trying to be as oblivious as possible.

    But more importantly it’s the precedent it sets, supposedly this law is one of the reasons Reddit has removed any group that may be related to any kind of violence (probably not the left leaning ones like BLM and ANTIFA mind you) over fear that should something happen they could be liable for allowing that content on their site. It’s also why craigslist removed some content.

    This bill is bad news, and unlike Net Neutrality went under the radar for the most part.

  • Snipershide is going to get sued into fucking oblivion. lol

    There are more cut and dried cases of libel on that website than any I have ever been to. ... and with this law, snipershide is going to be responsible for all of it. Every single time someone says something that is not true and damages a company or brand = libel.

    Basically it sets up every website owner for lawsuits. I'm not very worried about us, because pretty much everything that's posted here can be proven.

    On one hand, if anonymity was removed from the internet... the incessant idiocy from pure idiots or trolling assholes would be greatly reduced. If there were real world consequences for what is said online, that shit would come to a screeching halt. The down side would be troll law firms creating billions of dollars in frivolous lawsuits would shut most websites down.

  • I would suspect that you would have to look at how you let people into the site differently.

    Any random troll group could hop on a site send a couple of PMs report it to the police and the next thing you know your getting sued as the site owner and you had no knowledge of it going on.