The Upgrades Worked - Rem 700 SPS Varmint .308

  • When I bought my Remington 700 SPS Varmint I immediately swapped out the factory stock for a Magpul Hunter.

    I liked the detachable magazines, but wasn’t happy with the plastic, (I’m more of a walnut guy). It was shooting groups around 1.25 inches at 100 yards, and I took an Elk last fall at 235 yards with hand loaded 180 grain Nosler Partitions.

    In the last month I swapped out the stock for a NOS Remington VLS, (laminate)- which I free floated to about an inch in front of the recoil lug.

    I also installed a Timney trigger. The trigger is a massive improvement, without slop and breaking cleanly at 3 lb. without over-travel. Looking back I think this should have been my first upgrade.

    Today I went shooting and was happy to get three shot groups down to 0.65” and my last five shot group was 0.7”. Just for kicks I tried three shots of Federal 180 grain Partitions and shot 0.5” (which surprised me with these hunting bullets).

    I’ve never shot groups like this with a high-powered rifle and am really excited to work up some handloads with the 175 grain SMK’s. I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means, but I’m really happy with the feel and performance of the rifle.

  • CD206DA5-A067-4821-815A-27BA4BD98FD0.jpg

  • @hoarfrost Congratulations on the upgrades. That's some mighty fine shooting with factory ammo. If that won't get it done you need air support.

  • Good work. :) Exciting isn't it?

    Work on getting the groups centered on point of aim. That's where most rifle systems fall short. A great many can print little clusters... but keeping those little clusters in the middle of the target should be the goal.

  • @orkan Thanks, I think I have the 175 Gr SMK’s dialed in. That last group of Partitions was a test after playing around with some light handloads, (Trailboss- didn’t give me the accuracy I was hoping for, maybe closer in it would do ok).

    This is my first target, 175 Gr. Buffalo Bore “Sniper”ammo. I started in the center, (3 shot large group) getting a feel for the new trigger. Then I shot clockwise from upper left and finished tighter in the center. I was sighting in / dialing in the scope as I went along.

    I’m getting a better feel for the new trigger and stock, and working on my own consistency. I’m really looking forward to working up loads and shooting out further than 100 yards.



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