Ammo & Tuner Test

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    I did a little ammo & tuner testing this morning. Three lots of ammo and three tuner settings. Shooting straight into an east wind of 3 - 5 mph. Just holding dead center and pulling the trigger. Two different lots of Federal Gold Medal Ultra Match and one lot of Eley. I think it would have been a lot better with no wind. Now I have to repeat the test on a really calm day.
    Forgot to say the temp was 35 when I started and about 45 when I finished.

  • Yeah @rimfire, I bet that headwind was really messing with you as it comes over the berms down there. If anything on your range, a mild tailwind wouldn't be so bad I wouldn't think. I know I HATE shooting there when there is a easterly or northerly wind. It was real mild straight out of the south one time we shot there, and that seemed quite ok.

    Still though, a respectable showing from both ammo types at various settings. At tuner 81, eley seemed the clear victor. At tuner 75, lot 92 and eley seemed about equal. At tuner 78 they all seemed to hold their own pretty well.

    I look forward to your continued testing.

  • Forgive my Newbie ignorance here, but what do you mean when you say "tuner"? Are you talking about mass at the end of the barrel to change the harmonic frequency? Or is there something else at work here?

  • @flyinphill said:

    mass at the end of the barrel to change the harmonic frequency?

    Yup, that.