Looking Back

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    Lot was a just man that lived in Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom and Gomorrah were wicked cities that were plagued with ungodly people and very, very few righteous people. The cities got to the point that they were so wicked that God was going to destroy them, however God gave righteous Lot and his family the opportunity to leave before the cities were destroyed. As Lot and his family left the city, God told them to leave and not to look back. Now, remember, they are leaving all of their friends, their children, the city that they have lived in for years, and their home behind...yet God told them not to look back.

    As they departed the city, Lot’s wife looked back. Was she looking back as she sorrowed over her lost children? Was she looking back wishing to return home? Was she looking back with the intent to return to the wicked cities? We don’t know...however we do know that she looked back and immediately became a pillar of salt.

    In Luke 17:32 Jesus says, “Remember Lot's wife.”

    A very simple statement...yet should be a constant reminder not to look back. We must leave our sin and stop living like the world. We must live righteous lives and never look back. Never look back in longing to take part in the sins of the world. Never look back wishing we could live like the world again. Yet looking forward...looking to Christ...living right and never regret our decision to follow Him.

  • Excellent post @dddoo7 ... and as with a great many of these posts you make, unbelievably timely.