Springtime? Maybe? Pretty please?

  • The sky is absolutely full to the horizon with these critters on their way north. Winter has to break sometime!


  • I’m tired of this weather can’t even get out to the range it’s flooded and soft.

    Have you seen the videos from Ft Randel? A goose (mostly snows) on every inch.

  • We are about 12” over the 10 year average for rainfall for this time of year. I need to mow, but it is either raining or so soft the mower will bury up. Soon...soon.

  • So The 4th storm to effect my area in March. Looks like I will be removing another Foot plus of white stuff tonight or tomorrow am.

  • Our last snow dumped a few inches... but it was so wet and the ground so squishy I couldn't snowblow it. Made a terrible mess.

  • Well...I guess I am blessed. At least I don't have anything to shovel. :)

  • @orkan That is the problem with March snows here, heavy wet snow. Luckily I have one of these.

  • 5z3ZUWMh.jpg

    The last snow was so wet and deep, it plugged this.

  • It was 89 in Galveston Monday ahead of this last front. We spent the weekend south of San Antonio and it was almost 90 and back in semi drought condition. The cattle were all standing in the tank with water up to their bellies to get cooled off. It's actually a few degrees below our temperature for this time of year on the coast and the beach water temperature was 66 last week, a little chilly to be skinny dipping for me. My oldest sister lives in New Jersey so they have been seeing some cold weather with the northeaster's. I was there one time when a Calgary Clipper blew in. It sent my ass packing.

  • @orkan nice rig. I know that feeling. Mine clogs with the wet stuff. If I spray it with some slick stuff in a purple can ( cannot think of name) it takes a lot longer before it will clog but still clogs. I hate winter....

  • The stuff in the purple can is pro glide. Used it and now my 18 inches of heavy wet snow is removed from the driveway. Best part no clogs this time. Bring on the spring...

  • My request for spring was denied, with prejudice.


  • At least when it melts you will have moisture enough to grow grass. The first hot day here and we will be browned out for the summer already. Doesn't matter how much it rains in May if it doesn't rain in March and April too.