Drink the sand...

  • We are currently in a desert of berger bullets. In case you hadn't noticed... trying to find hybrids to feed 6mm's and 6.5's is virtually impossible right now.

    So, off to 107SMK land I go for my BR and Dasher for a while. ;)


  • Yeah them leaving CA for AZ has put their production way behind. All the local store shelves are super bare in the Berger area.

  • @orkan
    I have a full box of 100 of 105 6mm # 24528 Berger's if you want them.

  • @bigfoot Appreciate the offer, but that's not worth developing a load for. ;)

    These 107's will hopefully get me through to when the hybrids come back in stock. Appreciate the offer though!

  • @orkan
    I wish I hadn't opened the box I could have traded them for some 87 grain VLD's. I have a box of 105 grain Hornady Match #2458 I most likely won't use either. I know of a hole in the wall place that had a shelf full of Berger's the last time I was there but it's about a five hour drive from here. I want to try some in my .260 that's in mothballs.