2018 Rimfire Challenge

  • 2018 is here and spring is rolling in soon, if not already there where you are.

    I wanted to shoot today, and unlike many days... I didn't hesitate on which one to grab. The Anschutz 54.18 MSR spoke to me and we needed a bit of time together. I grabbed the lot number of center X I know it likes and shot a couple challenge targets. The targets were all warped and snowed on... so I don't much care about the score. The conditions were poor as it's still snowing and terrible here.

    The snow was actually covering the target, and for several bulls I guessed where they were beneath the snow and shot. Turned out alright all things considered! Someone had to get this year's challenge started!

    Lets see those targets folks! Don't be that guy talking about how your 22lr can shoot a gopher in the eye every time at 100yds. Print some targets and see what they can ACTUALLY do!




    For those of you not familiar with my Annie MSR... here's a pic:

  • I’m gonna have to build a box and fill it with sand so I can shoot these at home.

  • http://amzn.to/2GPxL2d

    I bet that thing would work well enough.

  • I might have to try that.

  • @rhyno I have one and it works great for 22. Except my daughter shot up the clip.

  • My target for today. Some wind. About 800 if I counted right.


    5 shots from a few nights ago.


  • ujjBJGfh.jpg


    Wind was rough. 1:00 to 2:00 and 5-12mph. About when I thought I had it pegged, it would shift and I'd break the 100 into a 50. :( Such is 50yd rimfire. It's rough on a guy. hehe

  • I took a break and went to the range yesterday for a go at the challenge. The wind was 22 SSE gusting to 30 almost at my back at the benches where I shoot. The range faces almost due north so I had a slight cross wind but better than a full cross wind. I took my Savage and the 513 I have been messing with. The Savage was slinging lead all over the place, I have done better on calm days and a slow rate of fire but there was no waiting on the wind yesterday so it is what it is. The heavy Remington did it's job but I couldn't do mine. I got a couple of 100's and they aren't really clean but I will take them. Out of the case I dropped the first shot but got adjusted and carried on. Probably shot the fifteen rounds in four minutes and then fired the two five round sighter targets as fast as I could ignoring the wind. I like the Nikon scope on the 513 but it has a BDC reticle that is like a German #4 with holdover rings. It almost covers the entire center of the targets being so large so I might swap the scope again for a finer cross or dot.

  • Rifle: Remington 40X Repeater
    Optic: S&B 5-25x56 PMII GenIIXR
    Position: Seated @ bench
    Rest: Bipod & rear bag
    Ammo: RWS R50
    Distance: 50yds

    Time: 5:00 PM
    Temp: 35f
    Wind: 15-22mph @ 2:00
    Lighting: Overcast

    Score: 1010

    No sighter allowed. Half a mil of wind was perfect, but I held too low when trying to compensate for aerodynamic jump. Next round I went too far the other way. Split the difference and finally started hooking up. Second row the wind died off after the first shot. Stayed close with it after that. Whole target was shot in less than a minute.

    I prefer calm conditions... but sometimes those conditions are not present.


  • Rifle: Ruger Precision Rimfire
    Optic: Bushnell Trophy 4-12x 40
    Position: Seated @ bench
    Rest: Bipod & rear bag
    Ammo: Center-X
    Distance: 50yds
    Time: 1:00 PM
    Temp: 76°F
    Wind: 3-7 mph @ 7:00
    Lighting: Sunny

    Just got this rifle about 3 weeks ago and this is the 3rd time I've been out with. Am getting it broke in and trying to get a feel for it. It's shooting pretty well and I can really tell without looking at the result when I screw up like on targets 4 & 9.



  • @straightshooter1 pictures not working. Use Imgur.

  • @orkan

    Finally figured it out. ;-$

  • @orkan
    I only had one five round magazine for my old Remington but I found a ten rounder at Midway so I can shoot the challenge with one reload. Three reloads takes a while with the greasy Center X. I try not to smear it all over the place and maybe it doesn't matter but it's put where it is for a reason. Next try I'm going to hit the stopwatch and see actually how much time I am burning up. This should be an eye opener for sure.

  • Yeah, center X is greasy. I keep a microfiber cloth handy for my hands afterward.

    I will load 3 magazines with 5 in each and do 2 mag changes. Thats pretty much my established protocol.

  • Rifle: Remington 40X Repeater
    Optic: S&B 5-25x56 PMII GenIIXR
    Position: Prone
    Rest: Bipod & rear bag
    Ammo: RWS R50
    Distance: 50yds

    Time: 4:45 PM
    Temp: 29f
    Wind: 1-10mph @ 9:00
    Lighting: Overcast

    Score: 1150

    That round way right from the first target was from earlier... too lazy to go hang another target. It was wet, sleeting, cold, and generally shitty... so bleh. I got some video of this run for you guys too. The wind was absolutely horrendous today. Huge fluctuations from dead calm to 10mph plus. It was really shitty. Field shooting without wind flags and crappy conditions like this is where you need to be able to really send rounds quick.


  • You made that look awful easy haha

  • @bull81

    It wasn't always that easy.


  • H7yjsZd.jpg

  • 1025


  • Went to close up the barn & the conditions were too perfect not to shoot. I grabbed a target & set up a flashlight so I could see the target & away I went:



  • @gash
    Very nice

  • Great shooting!

  • @gash said:

    Went to close up the barn & the conditions were too perfect not to shoot. I grabbed a target & set up a flashlight so I could see the target & away I went:




    Was that your Anne?

  • @martino1 yup! it’s the only rimfire I shoot these days 😉

  • Got a chance to shoot one of these today. Been a while.

  • @tpk936
    Not bad bud, good shooting

  • @gash Nicely done.

  • Took my 513 to the range yesterday for a try. No sighter, just started with a plain white target then two of the tan ones. I shot the two five round groups last waiting on some other shooters to finish and pick up targets. That one is a legitimate five rounder unless I completely pulled off of the paper. Anyway, I forgot to fill in the blanks before I took pictures so here it is:
    513 T Matchmaster
    Nikon Monarch 5-20 SF
    Sitting Bag Front And Rear
    Wind 16 Gusting To 25 Variable 76Degrees Overcast
    Center X
    50 Yards

  • Just shot the top score for 2018 so far! Quite unexpectedly. It was cold and there were swirling winds today. 1400 is the score to beat! If I just could have converted those two 50's... I could have cleaned it.

    Some history on this rifle: I purchased this via gunbroker last year for around $400. It had a broken extractor, and a tormented stock set. I sent it to my very good friend Wayne J. (@rimfire ) and he replaced the extractor and created a new walnut stock set. The rifle was manufactured by BSA in 1954 and was inspected in the Birmingham proof house by inspector #3. It was very sad to see this rifle in such a sad state of repair when it arrived, but with Wayne's help, it's in serviceable condition now. I mounted a Unertl 24x 2" target scope that I won last year at a local auction.

    These martini's are an incredible piece of history. I'll no doubt collect more of them in the future. It should be noted that these rifles violate many "rules" of modern firearms design, yet will out-shoot most of those modern rifles without issue. The handguard is screwed to the barrel, and is not free floating.

    The sad news is that I only have 250rnds of this batch of ammo remaining. I sincerely hope I can find another lot number that shoots so well in this rifle. Were it 60 degrees rather than 35, I'd like to think these targets would have turned out better. This rifle, optic, ammo, and myself have a date with destiny on a calm day to come this spring. We'll clean this challenge target. :)

    64 years old, and still sending them right in there. Incredible.

    Rifle: BSA Martini MKII
    Optic: Unertl 24x 2" Target model
    Position: Prone
    Rest: Bipod & rear bag
    Ammo: Lapua Midas +
    Distance: 50yds

    Time: 6:30 PM
    Temp: 35f
    Wind: 3-5mph @ Swirling
    Lighting: Sunny

    Score: 1225, 1375, and 1400


  • @orkan I'm going to have to make some time to shoot soon so I can beat ya :)

    PS - good job dearest ;)

  • Shot at 25yds today, just to show how much easier things are when you half the distance. ;)


  • I have a confession to make, I have been a squinter or a one eyed shooter whatever the name is all my life and it's like quitting smoking or some bad habit but I will do it, one way or another even if I have to wear a blinder. It's like a guy told me, you see twice as much with both eyes open. I burned up the best part of a brick of CCI Standard Velocity practicing this past weekend with my Savage and yesterday tried a few challenge targets with both it and my 513 shooting two eyed for a change. I fed the Savage some match ammo for one target but it's getting cheap stuff from now on. I would rather pursue this challenge with something better and hopefully upgrade equipment as I can. Got a brick of Center x coming in today and last Friday I bought a box of Federal Gold Medal Ultra Match at Academy on closeout. The stuff rang up $4.96 a box and I went back and cleaned the shelf, ended up with five boxes. Man, that stuff was marked something like $16.00 a box regular. I wasted part of a box on the Savage and shot two five shot groups with the 513. Looks like good stuff just higher than a cats behind. Anyway, got a couple of pictures. Couldn't get Imgur to work after two and it said it was overloaded. Had a slam fire with the Remington, I think I pulled the trigger back too far when I inserted the bolt so it's going to get looked at.

  • @bigfoot

    Keep in mind that rimfires need several rounds before they will show the potential of a certain ammo. In other words...if you are shooting CCI and switch to Center x it will take a minimum of 10 rounds before the center x starts shooting to its potential and usually more like 25 rounds.

    I once did a test of rimfire ammo by shooting 5 shots with each ammo type. I thought the gun was junk and couldn't shoot...shelved the ammo and went back to CCI SV because it shot just as well. About a year later I pulled out the partial box of center x, and by the end of the box the gun was shooting very well. If you want to see what a certain ammo will do in a rifle, then I recommend shooting an entire box (50) of five shot groups.

  • @dddoo7
    This is very true, it was kind of unfair to my rabbit gun because all I had was exactly fifteen of the Tenex when I shot the challenge target. I shot a whole slew of targets with the standard CCI and have shot center x through it also. Usually takes quite a few rounds to settle down and a scope adjustment when I switch but yesterday I didn't touch the dials between ammo. Best score yesterday with the 513 was 970 and some clean 100's, this was the last attempt and I stepped up my rate of fire and really concentrated on both eyes open. I had a couple of fair attempts with the Savage/CCI combination yesterday but pulled some really bad. Guy two benches over was shooting a Weatherby 257 mag with a muzzle brake might have had something to do with it. Three other cannons he shot as well.

  • Yesterday morning was perfect for another attempt at the challenge so I packed up and headed to the range. Wind at El Campo was 3mph N-NE and 72 degrees but I went and early voted for school counsel and had to go run errands and do some watering so by the time I got there the dry norther blew in. Wind was 8-12 coming straight into the benches a little left to right and variable. I haven't shot any with a head wind because our winds are usually south and at my back. A little different I guess. Anyway out of the case I shot an 850 then a 515 (ouch) and finally a 760. Then I got into a major bs session with another shooter and it was lunch time. Came back around 2:00 and shot a 720 with a bunch of zero's. Damn. Shot three five shot groups and they were everywhere. Probably got 400 rounds down the pipe without cleaning by now. Tried one more challenge and shot a 420, that's it. I switched to Federal Ultra Match and tried a dot target and had to make a dial correction and shot one more challenge target. Score went up to 885 and I had five rounds left so I shot one push pin out and missed another then hit 3 100's at last and they weren't too clean at that. I guess it's time to clean the bore and work on my trigger pull.

  • Monday:





  • Orkan (ammo was not being cooperative) - 755

    Gash - 1300

  • Got my butt kicked good.

  • @orkan said in 2018 Rimfire Challenge:

    Got my butt kicked good.

    yeah 1300.... I feel for ya...

  • @martino1 I brought a rifle out that I hadn't shot in a year with some crabby ass ammo. Didn't turn out in my favor. lol

  • @gash hey what the heck... I just scored that target and you didn't count shot 14 as 100, but 10. lol

    I shot bad enough as it is, I don't need any points deducted. lol

  • @orkan whoops, my bad. I didn't finish writing out 100 apparently.

  • ![alt text](0_1527126790125_MVIMG_20180523_205800-picsay.jpg image url)

    Just tried the challenge for the first time. Somebody please tell me if I've scored this correctly.

  • It's been a while since I have done this, made several changes to the rifle and optics. Shortened the barrel and this round I left my suppressor off and put a Vortex Viper on top for eyes. For some reason I left the magnification at eleven power, never did crank it up. The reticle almost covered the dots and the center of the scoring targets. I bought a brick of SK Standard and it seemed to group better without the suppressor so I left it at home. I was pleased with the dots except for when I did a reload and reposition I totally lost control. I believe it has something to do with my manipulation of the rear bag and unconsciously pushing on the bench with my right leg after moving during the reload. It's amazing how your body's movements cause the bullet flight to go astray. I just can't get into the zone as they call it. The Challenge targets for some reason are more intimidating to me than the dots. Maybe I need to work on the dots more and then go for the money. One thing for sure would be an improvement in this old rig is the trigger. I can't get it any lighter without it being dangerous. The only fix is someone that knows what they are doing and a stoning job, guess i will investigate that one day. I went to the range on Wednesday and shot with some Center X but that was a disaster. Wind was eighteen gusting to thirty one and a dust devil came across the range and cleaned the bench off I had all my stuff piled on and slung the rifle case almost knocking my rifle off of the bench and flattened one of the four by eight foot target stands on the fifty yard line. Lost my thread protector and glasses but found them later out in the grass. A big box of push pins got scattered out there too, look out lawnmower tires. The other two guys packed their toys up and vamoosed as well.
    Blurry Picture Sorry

  • Took a break and went to the range yesterday and shot three challenge targets. Same old gun, same ammo as before but with a rimfire muzzle brake screwed on the end of it. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of the brake. Tried my homemade squeeze bags and they are a bit small but doable and I have one ordered from Tab Gear so I hope it comes in a couple of weeks with my suppressor cover. They make the covers one at a time so delivery of both items I assume will be later. Only one other shooter down at the 300 yard benches so the only distraction was mosquitoes and a brief change of wind in direction and speed. Still can't break the 1000 mark :( Might have to go back to Center X.
    Target 2
    Target 3

  • It's been eight months since I last tried this. Same rifle same ammo same scope etc. I shot a couple of dot targets first. Five shots on each dot on two rows for a total of fifty and made an adjustment to the scope to try and center up on the black dot. I couldn't keep the flyers out and don't think I was inside one moa at fifty for the groups. I shot the remaining two rows with singles then shot the challenge targets. Shooter to the right of me was pissed off at his AR and kept me rattled but I was doing my best. When he left I swept up the empties and I counted 265 pieces. Anyway, I'll go again on a quieter day.