Spring Garden Planting

  • I get myself into this every year. I have had some really good years and a couple of disasters, mainly floods and then extreme heat after a flood. Tomatoes usually pay the price and get blight when the humidity gets up around here. When I can irrigate and get some rain at the right time and amount is when I produce good yields. I plant mostly Sweet Corn on the long rows (G90) and other vegetables on the shorter rows like peas and beans when it gets a little warmer. I have planted watermelons with good luck after the corn is picked and usually plant okra later as well. That stuff likes it hot. Right now I have fifteen tomato plants mostly Celebrity variety and a few Better Boys and one Cherry Tomato plant. The other cages have peppers, mostly jalapeno and a couple of habanero's and bell peppers. What we don't can at home is given away and much appreciated by our friends and neighbors. I did have a big cilantro and dill weed patch but it got out of hand and I mowed it down last year, talk about stink. The pictures are from last weeks planting.

  • Looks good. That is a lot of corn. I have a while yet before I can get anything in the ground. For around here the rule of thumb is Mother's Day weekend for most plants to get in the ground. Some years we try to start things like tomatoes from seeds inside around now. Other years we just wait and buy the plants. We do a lot of tomatoes, and then some peas, beans, peppers enough lettuce to eat fresh and some other various stuff. We like to can tomatoes sauce. Most everything else we just plant enough to eat. My wife will can pickles but I detest them anywhere near my food so she is on her own for those.

  • Corns sprouting. Took ten days, sometimes it will push through in seven if the soil is moist and the temperature is right. I usually do two plantings a couple of weeks apart and sometimes the second planting catches the first if it was cool earlier.

  • Temperature dropped forty degrees plus down here. Who left the door open up there?

  • Sorry about that... it's been wind chill down -10 to -15 the last few days. lol

    Today the wind died down at least, but it didn't break 38 degrees. Wasn't half bad when the sun was out. I'm looking forward to some 50's. hehe

  • @orkan
    I'm freezing my cods off. It's 48 degrees with north winds 28 gusting to 31. No tube tops and cutoffs.

  • It warmed up. It's 25 today.

    Oh wait... it's also doing this:


  • We had a couple of days in the 80's last week here in NC. Last night we had freezing rain and snow flurries. The mid-south has some of the craziest late fall/winter/early spring weather.

  • Finished planting today. Forecast for the weekend is a chance of rain and another big swing in temperature. The plants were dormant for the last few days mainly because of zero sunshine. It stayed heavily overcast but we did get some moisture so I gave the sprinklers a rest. I will get some pictures tomorrow.

  • It's not been quite a month since my first planting with exception of the wind and one cold snap it's looking pretty normal. On the third of this month I planted the rest of the sweet corn and it's been up a couple of days. I planted Contender beans the next day and they are just now breaking the crust so in a couple of days they will be up and visible. Those tomatoes were about five inches tall and now they are out of their cages. Don't take long when the weather is right. I have a few poblano peppers already on the plants but everything else is just now blooming. They won't really produce until it gets hotter. Yesterday I put in six rows of black eye peas, two thirty foot runs of cucumbers, two rows of okra, a row of sugar baby watermelons and a couple of short rows of radishes. That's enough. I put about three miles on my little push along planter and the motor on it's wore out.

  • These pics remind me of the garden I grew up with on the farm near Fordyce. Mom canned everything from beef to peaches and all the vegetables in between. The basement wall was 30 ft long by 8 ft high with everything we needed to survive. 8 ft long freezer full of beef and pork. Those were the good old days. Wayne

  • @rimfire That kind of "world smarts" seems to be lost among the spoiled masses of today.

    Why put all that time and money into long term food, when you can buy a new boat/camper/motorcycle?!?!?

  • what is that plastic supposed to keep out?

  • @martino1 Frost, is my guess... and wind.

  • Blizzard rolled in a couple hours ago.



  • @martino1
    It's mostly a windbreak. If we get frost the party is over. I usually cut the plastic off when they get established and to keep the fungus down in this tropical environment here on the gulf. It's been blowing the hair off a dogs back today and more so inshore from here. We're guilty of supplying the moisture needed to fire up the storms along the boundary of the fronts that come in the spring. It gets pretty hairy down here in a spring norther, no snow but straight line winds and waterspouts can happen. People going out in boats not watching the weather usually ends in a disaster this time of year. Matagorda Bay where I grew up gets rougher than hell in a wind, especially the south side where it empties in the gulf when a norther blows in. I think most of the bad weather is going to be east of us tonight and I could use a little rain but none of that frozen stuff, sure noisy on a tin roof.


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