Strike Hard Gear?

  • Has anyone used there bible cover and organizer,It looks like it would give great protection to your bible.

  • That is pretty cool.

    I don’t carry my Bible in a case because I am usually preaching with it and don’t want the case in the way. I just assume that every 4-5 years I’m gonna wear out a Bible and need another. Quality leather is very important for flexible bibles and longevity. French Morocco or calf skin is my favorite.

    However...if I weren’t preaching this would be a very cool option to keep all papers, pens etc together and protected.

  • I figured you were a preacher,after reading your post on the word of God.Great job by the way.I was wondering if you could let me know a good source for finding a quality bible made with french morocco leather,and what should i expect to pay for it. God Bless

  • I am partial to Cambridge Bibles. They make great quality stuff...just make sure it is bound in French Morocco (preferred) or at least calfskin. Bonded, Pitt minion, and most others are junk in comparison.

    I also really like Nelson signature series bibles too, but they are out of print and fetch crazy prices. They were about $125 new, but now bring $400-$500! I still have one, but use it sparingly.

    You can expect to spend somewhere in
    The neighborhood of $100 depending on exactly what you get. I like slimline bibles as they are lighter...but also smaller print.

    I recommend finding one you like and sticking with it when you get a new one. That way the verses are in the same places on the page. You wouldn’t think it would matter, but you get used to it and a new Bible will be different if it is not the exact same model.

    If you want to find one cheap, then decide what you want and then watch for one on eBay that has someone’s name on it. I have picked up several very nice bibles very cheap that way. No one wants a Bible with someone else’s name on it, but I could care less.