Tangent Theta advise

  • @orkan
    This is for sale locally for $3900 never been mounted. I know nothing about these optics and their various models. Is this a decent deal?

  • My opinion...

    you are within a few hundred of full retail. Buy it from Orkan, know you are not getting a knockoff, know you will have support from the dealer, and support the one who helps all of us on a daily basis.

    Also, I just never have liked the idea of buying used optics.

  • @bull81 Was there meant to be a link or a picture or something... because I can't see it.

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    Sorry forgot to add it, my daughter got to talking to me

  • If it's the real deal it's a good price. That one has likely been floating around a bit.

    As @dddoo7 pointed out... you're close enough here where I'd like you to give me a call and we should be having a discussion about these scopes. If afterward you still want to get that one, groovy... but at least you'll know what you're buying.

  • @dddoo7
    I agree with supporting primal rights and the fact of having support, that makes all the difference in the world. I’m not really in the market for anything right now but have seen where you and others on here have talked very highly of these optics so I was curious when I saw this. I also thought they ran over 5k or so but there again I have no idea.

  • @orkan
    I may touch base with you tomorrow, I’m in no hurry and not looking to cut my own throat to save couple hundred bucks either. I just know these optics are held in high regard here so I have been thinking about them lately

  • I purchased a TT315M from Greg at primal rights and was very happy with the whole experience.He was a pleasure to do busniss with and I love the scope.

  • @bull81 said:

    I also thought they ran over 5k or so but there again I have no idea.

    They are $3200 to $4700.

  • Greg just wanted to say thanks for spending the time with me on the phone today discussing the optics as well as everything else. Was a pleasure talking to you and look forward to setting up something in the future for one of your classes.

  • Likewise! Nice talking with you and happy to be of service anytime!