NRA backs “Extreme Risk Protection Orders”


    “We need to stop dangerous people before they act, so Congress should provide funding for states to adopt risk protection orders. This can help prevent violent behavior before it turns into a tragedy. These laws allow a court to intervene and temporarily remove firearms when a person threatens violence to themselves or others.”

    Not only do these violate the second amendment but others as well. Even the dang ACLU doesn’t like these things.

    And the NRA backs them! There should be no gun owner that supports these scumbags. But there will be.

  • I have been a strong NRA supporter as well as a recruiter; however I always recommended joining both the NRA and Gun Owners of America as well.
    No longer.
    The Gun Owners of America is a no compromise organization. They have always fought any law compromising our unalienable rights to bear arms. I have endorsed them and been a member for many years and preferred their leadership to the NRA.
    The only thing the NRA had over GOA was membership numbers. The NRA came to the political table with a lot of voters in their membership.
    Please think about joining a non compromising organization like the GOA. Membership numbers are political clout. There are some fine orgs. out there both locally and nationally.
    Here is GOA's website: