March genesis

  • Just saw where March is releasing a new optic for the serious ELR guys. Had 400 moa of adjustment in the turrets alone with 1/4 moa clicks.

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    Just saw where March is releasing a new optic for the serious ELR guys.


    I guess I'm going to stay "not serious." lol

  • I agree it’s not for me but, it’s a pretty cool concept. I’m curious how it works.

  • @bull81 said:

    I’m curious how it works.

    To me it appears to be like an old Unertl. Rather than having an erector tube within a tube... they have essentially provided a semi-enclosed elevation adjustment mechanism which give the main tube the ability to move wherever it needs to move. The housing that the turrets are on, is static, while the front and rear of the scope move up/down left/right in relation to it. Hence the sliders on the front and rear.

  • @orkan

    I’m curious how durable that would be I’ve never had any dealings with anything like that before. 400 moa in the turret is pretty amazing though. Seems they are in the right path anyway with ELR becoming more and more popular

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    I’m curious how durable that would be

    I've not had one of these things in my hands, so I can only speculate. Based on my limited exposure, it would seem the design is fraught with peril. Very much an answer to a problem which does not exist for most.

    I think it is unlikely that a scope can travel across three times the range of travel of most other scopes, and do so with the same (or better) repeatability of those present scopes. I think there is tremendous room for improvement among march's current products. We'll see if this scope has any capability at all in the coming years.

    I predict it will not be around long.

  • Shaking my head.....
    Wind call at those distances make it purely random where the bullet lands for 99.99% of shooters.

  • @hypo That's why their targets are the size of a full size garage door. ;)