Terrapin X

  • I'll be watching this closely!


  • Looks interesting. Any idea of price point?

  • @orkan
    What are you currently running? If these are as good as the original terrapins then they will be a hit if priced fairly

  • according to the data sheet they added a electronic reticle. If they have done away with the etched glass reticle I see that as being a negative. All the electronic reticles ive ever used have been to big for ranging targets at extended ranges and too bright for ranging in low light conditions but maybe they have sorted that out. Other than that I love the other features they added, Bluetooth, magnetic compass, etc.

  • @bull81 I use a terrapin.

  • That blue tooth feature is awesome. Its simply amazing where all these technologies came from and are merging together into tools.

  • Would be nice if this thing did environmentals like one of the Sig Kilo units I looked at. Seems like a logical progression. IMO That would be nice. One less battery to worry about and one less item in the drag bag.

  • I'd rather have a range finder that actually did the job of range finding. I'm OK with shouldering the responsibility of making sure my kit is redundant and works properly. The "all inclusive" units rarely do anything as well as is required.

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