A&D scales rebate

  • I noticed this rebate on another gun board I lurk on.


    I got one of the auto tricklers and scales to step up my reloading game a few months back. Unfortunately the rebate isn't retroactive so I missed it, but I thought I'd share.

    $150 bucks back on a 500 dollar scale.

  • Thanks a lot. Now I have to spend more money. You and your great deals.

  • Thought I would bump this since the rebate offer ends on Saturday. Purchases must be completed with a receipt dated by midnight on March 31.

    I bought a set of scales from Cambridge (linked in above post) and they arrived today. I didn't get the trickler setup since I am not sure that is how I will go when I start to reload. But I have other uses (such as inventory at my business) for the scales, so I jumped on them at this price.

    Also of note, apparently the rebate has been so successful that the 120i supply is running short. So Cambridge got A&D to give them scales with a larger capacities at a discount rate to fill demand. Right now at Cambridge you can get a 200i (200 gram capacity) for the same price as a 120i, and a 300i (300 gram) for $15 more. Extra capacity is probably not of much use to someone wanting it primarily for reloading, but others like me can certainly use it. I bought the 300i and I have $540 shipped in it, $385 shipped after the rebate. Normally the best price I could find anywhere is $665 shipped.